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Letter from our CEO

Hey hey beautiful people! How is your energy today? 

My name is Chansler B., CEO & curator of Queen Certified 101, LLC. This is a uniquely, curated brand on a mission to cultivate sisterhood and attract self-love to all Queens & Kings.

This is my second business venture from embracing a not so easy journey of trial and error with Wifey Chronicles 101 founded in 2015. I had to take a different approach to not solely focus on women but to incorporate a vibe for men too! After intensive research and many personal conversations...self-love was always vocally expressed or the hidden message behind those conversations.

In 2017, I became highly intrigued by waist beads and the Yoruba tribe culture history. The idea of releasing apparel first was rejected & not my purpose to fulfill at the time. Therefore, I decided to introduce self-love with the Waisted Vibrations Collection

This collection is filled with luxury, custom body adornments such as waist beads, warrior bracelets, anklets, body chains, etc. My first design was a "Warrior Gates" bracelet filled with powerful healing gemstones for a male client. This moment truly aligned with my mission to gaining more because Kings need self-love too!

This is a God given purpose to create lifetime connections vs gaining a profit. Healing is more important and my personal dosage of therapy helping others along their journey towards accepting self-love. Thanks for the support with an abundance of gratitude & stay tuned for more dope energy coming soon!

                 Peace & Blessings,

                              Chansler B.