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Q:: What is Waisted Vibrations & Intentional Vibrations?

A:: Our form of body art! These collections were created initially around designing custom waist beads, however the collection has developed into a sacred space for clients to adorn their bodies & embrace self-love

Each adornment is one-of-a-kind custom made design specifically for you filled with pure intentions & healing energy from semi-precious crystals or gemstones. 

Women, men, & children can use these tools to feel confident, gain awareness of their emotions with inner peace, find balance, & vibrate higher on their spiritual journey.

We introduced initially Waisted Vibrations with African inspired waistbeads for Queens to elevate the sacred center of the womb......our SUPERPOWER! Our clients have shared their personal focus on womb healing, fertility, weight management, or to strengthen/begin a spiritual journey and we are here for cultivating this type of sisterhood bond. Intentional Vibrations followed to focus on unisex designs preferably men to create a vision for their self-love journey, whether a custom bracelet or anklet is desired to set the tone surrounded by positive intentions.

Q:: How do I place a custom order?

A:: We will be implementing a custom form on the new website soon. Please access the "Contact" tab to submit an email inquiry to [email protected]  


Q:: What are waist beads & their benefits?

A:: In 2017, I became intrigued by the cultural traditions and melanin beauty of African women in Yoruba tribes wearing waist beads. The more I researched strategies towards healing, the more waistbeads resonated with my spiritual journey throughout celibacy. The self~love discovery was amazingly beautiful to observe my personal growth flourishing. 

Waist beads are a reflection of a deeper connection within womanhood to enhance the power of your inner Queen. They are worn by generations of women, young or older as a symbol of femininity, confidence, protection, waist training, womb healing, personal transformation, etc. The art of wearing waist beads underneath or outside of your clothes holds significant energies to value the natural inner beauty that exposes a different version of intimacy.

We love seeing how the vision from a client comes to life from the different colors, styles, & purposeful meanings during the design consultation, which are completely optional yet beneficial. Most clients trust our freestyle option for their design(s). We are advocates for creating quality over quantity for each strand!

Q:: What sizes are available for waist beads?

A:: We cater to sizes up to 75" to tailor quality adornments for Queens of any size.

Q:: Are your waist beads permanent?

A:: No they removable! We decided to incorporate a clasp option from personal experience wearing custom fit waist beads with the option to place them on & remove them with ease especially as women....our weight fluctuates!

Traditional cotton thread is not used due to sanitation reasons caused by moisture build up from sweating, bathing, or swimming. Bacteria or mildew can eventually form if moisture is retained inside of the beads. The metal wire used will not compromise the integrity or longevity of your adornment.

Q:: Are waist beads for young women with a flat stomach? 

A:: Absolutely not! Traditionally waist beads are given to young Queens as a symbolic adornment towards womanhood. Any Queen young or older of ANY size can join the Waisted Vibrations tribe! Waist beads are worn for waist training, womb healing, spiritualty, confidence, feminity, etc. Curves are natural & completely normal to ensure we tailor these artisan designs to accommodate how beautifully women transform.

Q:: What if an adornment is sold out or I want a design shown in the gallery?

A:: We create "Made for You" custom designs specifically for each duplicates are allowed unless requested by the client. As an artist at heart, it's natural to gain inspiration by something so dope, so beautiful. 

Therefore, design consultations are available to create your own vibe via video or phone.

Q:: Why do you charge an additional fee for waist beads that are of a longer length?

A:: The longer the length requires more quality glass beads, materials, & time to create your vision. 

Q:: When should I expect to receive my custom order?

A:: Once your PayPal invoice is paid in full, the design process will be completed within 2- 5 business days & shipped 1st class. Due to COVID-19 shipping delays are the new normal.

USPS tracking information will be sent via email.