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"Intuitive Gift"

♦︎ 35" custom waist bead filled w/ yellow, red, royal blue Swarovski glass beads imported from Nigeria mixed w/ gold metallic glass beads & selected gemstones below. Secured with a barrel screw clasp for easy removal

♦︎ Accented with gold specialty spacer beads & 3 gold dragonfly charms

♦︎ Green Turquoise:: filled w/ energy of love to restore passion & lost energy healing stress that is unnoticed. Protects its owner from evil/malice. Helps grasp the flow of good fortune guiding you to your ideal life

♦︎ Red Coral:: has meaning & properties of vitalizing life energy. Its special red color symbolizes “blood” to strongly circulate energy in a human body. It aids in protection from depression, quiets the emotions & brings peace to within the self while promoting good fortune in romance

Image of "Intuitive Gift"
Image of "Intuitive Gift"