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Image of “Gem of Fire”

“Gem of Fire”

•Custom 29.5" waist bead adornment filled with clear Swarovski crystal glass beads imported from Nigeria

•Gold & white Czech glass beads

•Silver barrel screw clasp for easy try on and removal

•Amethyst:: connects to the heart chakra💜
~It is a stone to protect you from negative energies with spiritual protection and purification
~It creates a shield of spiritual light around your body

•Lapis Lazuli:: one of the most sought after stones in use since man's history began. Its deep, celestial blue remains the symbol of royalty and honor, gods and power, spirit and vision. It is a universal symbol of wisdom and truth.
~ ability to release mental, physical, and spiritual blockages
~Connects to the throat chakra 💙

Image of “Gem of Fire”