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***Custom Order*** for J. Hall

Custom Vibrations bracelets

"Agbara" has a few meanings such as power, capability, and strength in the Yoruba language. It speaks. volumes of how you possess many qualities to remain driven to accomplish each goal discussed.

♦︎ Citrine: boosts self-confidence, creativity and inspiration. It is elevates the sacral chakra located below the chest. It also helps to see other perspectives, which is something some often struggle to do, and it even helps see the good in all situations

♦︎ Gold Hematite: has strong grounding energy to focus on emotional balance between the body, mind and spirit.

"Warrior Vitality"

♦︎ Tiger's Eye:: Considered a "Warrior" protective stone that promotes spiritual grounding, clarity of intentions, and manifestation to accomplish goals. It alleviates depression & energizes moods w/ its association with the Sun. It enhances creativity and brings balance into your life.