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***CUSTOM ORDER*** for E. Lawrence

“Iewa Ayaba” means beautiful Queen in the Yoruba language

♦︎ Custom 57" waistbead adornment filled with Tiger's Eye, black Onyx, Turquoise, Garnet faceted glass beads, gold and green metallic glass beads. Secured with a barrel screw clasp for easy removal

♦︎ Accented with a Tree of Life charm

♦︎ Tiger's Eye: considered a warrior stone for protection and good luck. Promotes mental clarity, self-confidence, & inner strength

♦︎ Onyx: provides powerful vibrations of protection, strength, focus, & willpower. It absorbs & transforms negative energy to clear your path for pure balance.

♦︎ Turquoise: filled w/ energy of love to restore passion & lost energy healing stress that is unnoticed. Protects its owner from evil/malice. Helps grasp the flow of good fortune guiding you to your ideal life

♦︎ Garnet: An Earth element stone specifically for a Capricorn woman. It has a special affinity with the zodiac as a powerful grounding stone. It not only enhances one's motivation to work on their professional endeavors, but also boosts passion for what they do

**Mystery FREE gift**
"Ifemi" means my beloved in the Yoruba language. This is a symbol of motivation & being dedicated to reaching your personal goals. You are amazing Queen & I am forever proud of you for pursuing major endeavors!